Tips to Learn English with Comic Strips

So you want to learn English with comic strips? Good! Here are some tips that can help you.

Have Fun

It seems obvious, but one important thing that you should keep in mind is that you if you enjoy doing it, you will be much more likely to keep doing it regularly and to benefit from it. If it becomes too difficult to understand a comic or comic strip and that you don’t enjoy it anymore, choose another one! Keep having fun learning!

Use the Images to Understand

When you read, use the images to understand the context. If you don’t understand the text after you have read it, look again at the images to see if it can help you understand the words better. Always try to guess the meaning from the context before looking words up in the dictionary or in the vocabulary list provided.

Read Again

It wasn’t so easy to understand a comic strip but you finally got it in the end? Good! Now, after a few days, read that comic strip again. It will really help you memorize what you learned the previous time. Since comic strips are very short, it will definitely not take you much time and you will feel better when you realize that you can understand them more easily!

Choose Comic Strips you Like

Comic strips often comes in a series; they focus on a general topic. If you find a series that interests you, you will start understanding them more and more easily as time goes on. To help you focus on specific series on this website, you can use the Categories that are given in the menu on your left:

<— here

You can also check out this list of free comics strips.

Read the Explanation

To understand comic strips, you not only to understand the vocabulary, but you also need to understand the culture and the context of the comic strips. The information given under the heading “Context” on this website will really help you understand what features or ideas the authors of the cartoons use to make their comics successful.

Do it Regularly

Like anything, if you do it just once, you will not get much out of it. If you keep doing it regularly, it will become easier to read them after a short while and you will keep progressing. Bookmark this website, or subscribe to the RSS feed or the newsletter to make sure you keep an eye on new posts.


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