ComicsEnglish offers comic strips that have been explained for English learners.  This idea behind this website is to provide reading materials that are funny and instructive. By readings comic strips, English learners will improve their reading skills, enlarge their vocabulary, learn about other cultures, and develop their analytical skills.

Comic Strips to Enjoy Here:

What The Duck

What The Duck

This series will be particularly interesting to students who enjoy photography!
Read What The Duck comic strips explained here

What the Duck is a webcomic that focuses on the theme of photography. The main character (who is a duck) is a professional photographer. Most of the photographers mentioned there are self-employed photographers. They often make fun of the fact that it is quite difficult to have regular revenue from their job and that customers often don’t value their work and try to get pictures for free.



Readers who are interested in computer science, engineering, or similar fields will enjoy reading xkcd comics.
Read xkcd comic strips explained here

xkcd is a webcomic of “romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” It might be difficult for second language learners to understand some of these comics without help. If after reading the information you still don’t understand them, make sure to post your questions!


Mimi and Eunice

Mimi and EuniceRead Mimi and Eunice comic strips explained here

Mimi and Eunice is a webcomic that focuses mainly on the issues of couples, love, relationships (and copyrights!). The two characters form a (homosexual) couple.




Read Callous comic strips explained here

Callous focuses on the life of a young female doctor. Readers working or studying medicine would particularly like these comic strips.





Read WebDonuts comic strips explained here


Your own work here!

Do you like drawing? Do you want to challenge yourself by creating a comic strip in English? Feel free to do so and to send it to the email address below. All kinds of submissions are encouraged!

Send a comic strip you don’t understand

If there is a comic strip that you can’t understand and would like to get explained, please, email it to the following email address (Note that materials that are copyrighted cannot be reproduced on this website without the authorization of their author) :



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