You make me happy? Or ecstatic?

A comic strip on relationships!

Mimi and Eunice -

Mimi and Eunice –


  • Box 1. Mimi: You make me happy.
  • Box 2. Eunice: Just happy? I should be making you ecstatic.
  • Box 3. Eunice: I’m a failure!
  • Box 3. Mimi: I take it back.


  • Ecstatic (adj.) /ɪkˈstæt.ɪk/ extremely happy.
  • Failure (n.) /ˈfeɪ.ljər/ you become a failure if you fail doing something, that is, if you are not successful; if you are not doing well.
  • take it back (exp.) if you want to take something you said back, you want the other person to forget about it and pretend that you hadn’t said it in the first place.


  • This is from a series of comics called Mimi and Eunice – you should know that the two of them form a couple. For this couple apparently, complimenting each other is strong enough, the other person might think that they are not good enough.

Sentence Stress

  • Note that in the original comic strip, certain words are in bold (happy, ecstatic, failure). This is a way to emphasize certain words to indicate that these words were stressed. This is called sentence stress. If you read this text out loud, you should read these words a bit louder, at a slightly higher pitch and make the vowel sounds of the stressed syllables a bit longer.

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