You Don’t Have To Be Happy

You don't have to be happy - comic strip

Mimi and Eunice – You don’t have to be happy –


  • Box 1. Mimi: What’s wrong?
  • Box 1. Eunice: I’m not happy!
  • Box 2. Mimi: You don’t have to be happy.
  • Box 2. Eunice: Really?
  • Box 3. Mimi: That’s great!


  • This comic strip may appear too simple at first sight, but it is actually pointing out a phenomenon that is common. In some places (especially in the United-States), there is often great pressure from the society for people to be or to look happy almost all the time; and if they are not, they may be more likely to be rejected.

Language Feature

  • This is a good example of the use of have to in box 2. Have to is used when the obligations comes from someone else or something else (from “the outside”). So here, Mimi reminds Eunice that no one else forces him to be happy.

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