[xkcd] Techno Music

xkcd - techno

xkcd – By Randall Munroe – http://xkcd.com


  • A: Wait, you’re buying techno on iTunes?
  • B: Yeah. So?
  • A: Couldn’t you just loop the 15-second free sample 20 times and get basically the same thing?


  • techno (n.) /ˈtek.nəʊ/  refers to techno music, which is a fast electronic type of music with a lot of repetitions
  • iTunes (n.) /aɪˈtjuːn/ iTunes is a media player application, used for buying, playing and/or organizing music and video files.
  • loop (v.) /luːp/ here, to make the music repeat itself, as if trapped in a circle (a loop (n.) is a circle)
  • sample (n.) /ˈsɑːmpl/ a small amount of something that shows you what it is like (here, on iTunes, before you buy songs, you can listen to the song for 15 seconds for free)
  • basically (adv.) /ˈbeɪsɪkəli/ In the most essential respects; fundamentally; used as an emphasis


  • This comic strip is making fun of the fact that techno music is just the same rhythm that is repeated over and over again.


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