[xkcd] (Lack of) Insight

xkcd - insight

xkcd – By Randall Munroe – http://xkcd.com


  • Maybe before we rush to adopt <Google Glass> we should stop to consider the consequences of blithely giving this technology such a central position in our lives
  • Don’t have any insights about a new technology? Just use this sentence! It makes you sound wise and you can say it about virtually anything.


  1. to rush (v.) /rʌʃ/ to go or do something very quickly
  2. to adopt /əˈdɒpt/ (here:) to accept or start to use something new
  3. Google Glass is a product that Google is developing. It is still not available for the general public yet. Basically, what it does is that it puts all the functions of a smartphone into some glasses can wear. Many people are concerned about the protection of the users’ personal lives.
  4. to consider (v.) /kənˈsɪd.ər/ to spend time thinking about a possibility or making a decision:
  5. blithely (adv.) /blaɪðli/ happily and without worry (note: this word is not very frequent)
  6. insight (n.) /ˈɪn.saɪt/ (the ability to have) a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation
  7. wise (adj.) /waɪz/ having or showing the ability to make good judgments, based on a deep understanding and experience of life
  8. virtually (adv.) /ˈvɜː.tju.ə.li/ almost


  • Notice that the first sentence is like a formula. Speakers can put the name of any new technology they want in between < … > (Google Glass in this instance).


  1. I shared this cartoon with my engineering students (English lesson), and we had an interesting discussion about the idea of using “formulas” for sounding like you’re knowledgeable on a subject you know nothing about. Now they’re motivated to check out this website on their own. I plan to mention this site on my own blog on my next post (at http://engineeringasaforeignlanguage.blogspot.co.at/ ).

    • Hello Lisa,
      Glad that this was useful!
      You have some interesting posts on your blog too. I guess I should read more of those since I have quite a few engineering students in my classes.
      Thanks for sharing the link with your students!

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