[xkcd] Bacon and Health

xkcd – By Randall Munroe – http://xkcd.com

xkcd – By Randall Munroe – http://xkcd.com


  • My overall health
  • Time
  • The day I realized I could cook bacon whenever I wanted.


  • overall (adj.) /ˌəʊvərˈɔːl/ including all the things that are involved in a particular situation; in general
  • to realize (v.)  /ˈriːəlaɪz/ to become aware of a particular fact or situation
  • bacon (n.) /ˈbeɪkən/ meat from the back or sides of a pig that has been kept using salt or smoke. It is usually served in thin slices and contains a lot of fat.


  • This comic strip is making fun of the fact that many people in North America like to eat bacon. Here, we notice that the health of that person really goes downhill after he realized that he could cook bacon as much as he wanted, which means: very often.
  • Do you know about the effects of bacon on your health? Well, don’t forget that bacon is very oily; so it is not healthy to eat too much of it.

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