[What The Duck] Google Glasses

What The Duck - By Aaron Johnson - http://whattheduck.net

What The Duck – By Aaron Johnson – http://whattheduck.net


  • Box 1: A: Ok Glass,1 take a picture!! (click)
  • Box 2: A: Ok Glass, take 25 pounds off2 of him, add some hair, smooth3 his complexion4
  • Box 3: B: Ok Glass, call an ambulance5.


  1. Glass /ɡlɑːs/Glass refers to new product that Google is developing: Google Glass (see below).
  2. take 25 pounds off = on the picture, remove (=take off) weight from his body. 25 pounds = about 12 kilos
  3. to smooth (v.) /smuːð/  to remove all the problems / to make something flat
  4. complexion (n.) /kəmˈplek.ʃən/ the natural appearance of the skin on a person’s face, especially its color or quality
  5. ambulance (n.) /ˈæm.bjʊ.ləns/ a special vehicle used to take sick or injured people to hospital


  • Google Glass is still not available for the general public yet. This is a product that Google is developing. Basically, what it does is that it puts all the functions of a smartphone into some glasses that you can wear. The users simply speak to operate the glasses/computer. Notice that both of them give command to the “Glass.”

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