Education in the USA seen by a Scandinavian

Transcript and Vocabulary Silhouette Man wonders WTF is wrong with Americans Silhouette /ˌsɪl.uˈet/ (n.) : a dark shape seen against a light surface. Here, we do not see the face of the person, we only see the shape of his body: that’s his silhouette. WTF (offensive, slang, written abbreviation) =…

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Simples Answers about New Technologies

Simple Answers about New Technologies

Transcript and Vocabulary The simple answers to the questions that get asked about every new technology: Will ______ make us all geniuses? No. Genius (n.) /ˈdʒiː.ni.əs/someone who is extremely intelligent or extremely good at doing something Will ______ make us all morons? No. Moron (n.) /ˈmɔːrɒn/a very stupid person Will…

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