Watches: Regular Watch? Smart Watch? Or none?


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  • Regular Watches… Smart Watches
  • Brief, glorious period in which our wrists were free


  • Smart adj. /smɑːt/ It usually means: intelligent or clever. But if you talk about a machine, a phone (you have probably heard of “Smartphones”) it means that it uses advanced computer systems.
  • Brief adj. /briːf/ If something is brief, it lasts only for a short time. It’s short.
  • Glorious adj. /ˈɡlɔːriəs/ something that is beautiful or wonderful, that deserves praise and respect. (Glory n. /ˈɡlɔːri/ praise and respect you get from people for doing something important)
  • Period n. /ˈpɪəriəd/ a length of time.
  • Wrist n. /rɪst/ the part of your body between your hand and your arm  (Note that the “w” is not pronounced: /rɪst/)


  • This comic is making fun of new trends related to the use of watches. Here as some important facts that will help you understand it:
    • Until a few years ago, most people would wear (regular) watches to keep track of the time.
    • Now that more and more people carry their phone with them all the time, they simply use their phone to look at the time and do not bother to wear a watch anymore.
    • Several phone companies who create smartphones (Samsung, Apple, etc.) are developing Smartwatches, to have the functionalities of your smartphone on your watch.
  • The use of the adjective “Glorious” is very interesting here. Because the author qualifies this short period of time when most people don’t wear a watch as something very positive which makes us more free, it implies that wearing a watch takes away some of our freedom. It makes fun of the fact that our habits are dictated/controlled by new technology.

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