Photographers are not Magicians!

Aspiring photographers and actresses

What The Duck – By Aaron Johnson –


  • Box 1. Woman: I’m an aspiring actress and would like a glamor shot.
  • Box 2. Duck:  I’m an aspiring photographer and not a magician.
  • Box 3. Duck: Wow, tears … you’re good.


  • aspiring  (adj.) (actress/photographer) /əˈspaɪərɪŋ/ someone who is trying to become a successful actress/photographer
  • glamor (n.) /ˈglæmər/ the quality of being attractive, exciting and special
  • shot (n.) /ʃɒt/ here, photographs
  • magician (n.) /məˈdʒɪʃən/ someone who entertains people by performing tricks
  • wow /waʊ/ something that you say to show surprise (or excitement, admiration, etc.)
  • tear (n.) /tɪər/ a drop of water that comes from your eye when you cry


  • According to what the duck says in box 2, we can understand that the duck finds the women not attractive at all (He cannot perform tricks to take glamor shots of her).
  • Why is she crying in box 3? Because she’s sad the duck doesn’t want to take pictures of her? Just pretending to be sad to try to convince the duck to change his mind (which is what the duck thinks)? Or because she is hurt by the duck’s comment?  All these are possible explanations, but considering that the duck gave a harsh and direct comment in box 2, we could imagine that it’s probably because she is hurt by his comment.
  • In box 3, the duck says she is good … at what? At acting! (since he believes that she is just pretending to be sad)

Language Feature

  • Notice the article “a/an” before the name of a job in box 1 and 2:
    • I’m an aspiring actress
    • I’m an aspiring photographer

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