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What The Duck – Photo credit – By Aaron Johnson –

What The Duck – By Aaron Johnson –


  • Box 1. Editor: We’d love to use your photos. And we’d give you a photo credit?
  • Box 2: Duck: Oh, Joy! Credit!
  • Box 3: Duck: My landlord will be thrilled.


  • photo credit (n. phrase) /ˈfəʊtəʊ ˈkredɪt/ a note usually below a published photograph to say who took the picture
  • Joy (n.) /dʒɔɪ/ happiness
  • landlord (n.) /ˈlændlɔːd/ the person who owns the place where you live, to whom you need to give money every month for the rent.
  • thrilled (adj.) /θrɪld/ very excited and pleased
    • Note: thrilled is often used with sarcasm (= say the opposite of what you mean in order to be unpleasant to somebody or to make fun of them)


  • This comic strip makes fun of the fact that professional photographers encounter difficulties to get paid for their pictures. Here, the editor wants to use the duck’s photographs, but without giving him money (only photo credit = mentioning his name below the picture)
  • Notice the sarcastic answer of the duck. In box 2, it looks as if he is very happy about this offer. However, in the 3rd box, he shows the editor that he needs money to pay his rent (so his landlord would not be pleased by the editor’s offer!). In other words, he really dislike this photo credit offer!

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