Comic - Mimi and Eunice - Over-reacting

Mimi and Eunice – Over-reacting


  • Box 1: Sometimes you over-dramatize to get your way
  • Box 2: What a hurtful thing to say! Like a stab in the heart!
  • Box 3: I may as well die!
  • Box 3: Sorry.


  • over-dramatize
    • over = too much
    • to dramatize (v.) /ˈdræmətaɪz/ to make something seem more exciting or surprising than it is.
  • Get your way (expression) If you manage to get your way, you manage to make things go the way you wanted them to go.
  • hurtful (adj.) /ˈhɜrt·fəl/ something that will make you feel upset
  • I may as well + verb (expression) = it would be the same for me to + verb
  • a stab (n.) /stæb/ the act of pushing a knife into someone (verb: to stab)


  • What is funny in this comic is that after being criticized that she always get her way (box 1), Mimi does exactly that (= she over-dramatizes) and then the criticism goes back to Eunice who made the remark in the first place, making Eunice feel forced to apologized for  what was said in the first place.

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