Life isn’t Fair

Life is unfair. Nope. Luckily, it's unfaire to our advantage.

Mimi and Eunice – Life isn’t Fair –


  • Box 1: Life isn’t fair.
  • Box 2: Nope.
  • Box 3: Luckily, it’s unfair to our advantage!


  • fair (adj.) /feər/ you are treated in a fair way when the treatment you receive is equal to others’, when it’s done according to the rules or when it seems right or reasonable.
  • nope (adv.) /nəʊp/ informal or slang word for no.
  • luckily (adv.) /ˈlʌk.əl.i/ because of good luck.
  • advantage /ədˈvɑːn.tɪdʒ/ if something is to your advantage, it will help you succeed.


  • This comic strip is making us take a new perspective on life. Many people often complain that life isn’t fair, and that’s true. But if you can read this on a computer or mobile screen, you are probably not in such a bad economical situation. So, this comic strip encourages us to take it to our advantage and not to feel down because we are treated unfairly.

Language Feature

  • prefix un-
    • Notice the pair of words in the transcript: fair & unfair.
    • Un– is a prefix (= you can add it at the beginning of words). The meaning of un- is: not, or the opposite of. For examples:
      • unfair = not fair
      • unjust = not just
      • unequal = not equal

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