Life is Too Short to Argue?

Life is too short. I need to travel, explore, live! ... right after I win this message board argument

What The Duck – Life is Too Short – By Aaron Johnson –


  • Box 1: Life is too short.
  • Box 2: I need to Travel! Explore! Live!
  • Box 3: Right after I win this message board argument.


  • message board (n. phrase) the same thing as an online discussion forum = A website where people leave messages and reply to each other.


  • This comic strip is making fun of the fact that some people in certain online communities care a lot about “winning” arguments. Winning arguments is apparently more important than enjoying life.
  • Notice the contrast between the positive energy in box 2 and box 3. In box 2, the atmosphere is very positive (lots of white space, arms aiming at the sky, etc.) whereas in box 3, the sky takes only little room in the background and most of it is filled with grey and a pile of paper to indicate a lot of work.

Language Feature

  • The use of fonts: notice that the font (= the shape of letters) used in box 2 is special: it has more curves, it’s larger, etc. These features are used to match the meaning associated to Traveling! Exploring! and Living!

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