Let’s Test Our Love!

Mimi and Eunice - Test your love - http://mimiandeunice.com

Mimi and Eunice – Test your love – http://mimiandeunice.com

Transcript for “Test Our Love”

  • Box 1. Mimi: I’ve contracted plague to test our love.
  • Box 2. Mimi: Kiss me!
  • Box 3.  Eunice: Can’t our love have a multiple-choice test?


  • contract (v.) /kənˈtrækt/ here: to get a disease
  • plague (n.) /pleɪg/ a serious disease that spreads quickly and kills a lot of people
  • multiple-choice test (n. phrase) a test where there is a question and several possible answers that are given, usually listed a) … b) … c) … d) … This kind of test is generally considered to be easier than other tests.


  • Some couples sometimes want to test how much their partner loves them. Here, notice that only Mimi is ready to have the plague to prove that she loves Eunice … Eunice on the other hand is trying to look for another way to prove his love towards her.
  • Notice that Eunice is skilful at not completely rejecting Mimi’s idea. By suggesting another option, he shows that he’s still willing to participate, but in a different way…

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