How to Calculate a Quote

What the Duck comic strip on calculating a quote

What The Duck – How to Calculate a Quote – By Aaron Johnson


  • Box 1. Duck: Here’s the quote your requested.
  • Box 1. Man: And how did you arrive at this number?
  • Box 2:  First, I sat down and factored in my time, my experience, the feasibility of the job, and my level of service.
  • Box 3: And then I saw a new lens I wanted to buy.


  • quote (n.) /kwəʊt/ the price that a person says they will charge to do a piece of work. So here, the man wants to hire the duck as a photographer. The duck has to tell him before they start how much money he wants to do the job.
  • to request (v.) /rɪˈkwest/ when you officially (or politely) ask for something
  • to factor (v.) /ˈfæktə/ (Technical) to include a particular fact or situation when you are thinking about or planning something
  • feasibility (n.) /fiːzəˈbɪlɪti/ whether or not it is possible to do something
  • lens (n.) /lenz/ a curved piece of glass in cameras, glasses, and scientific equipment used for looking at things. Lenses are usually very expensive
    • Picture of a lens:


  • After being ask how the Duck arrived at asking so much money, he provides 2 very different kinds of explanation. What he says in box 2 is perfectly sound and sounds a fair estimation of somebody’s work. However, in box 3, we realize that the Duck probably increase the price so that he could buy himself a new lens (lenses are very expensive.)
  • Have you ever had to hire a freelance worker? How did they calculate the quote?

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