How to Avoid Competition

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  1. Nice camera. I’m thinking about getting into photography too.
  2. Look, your photos suck. You have no sense of composition. You lack any understanding of lighting. And I’ve seen better pictures come from the D.M.V.
  3. What’s all that about?
  4. Job security.


  • Avoid (v.): to stay away from someone or something, or prevent something from happening or not allow yourself to do something
  • Competition (n.) when someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else
  • To get into (v. phrase): to become interested in an activity or subject, or start being involved in an activity.
  • To suck (v.) familiar language or rude; to be really bad quality.
  • Composition (n.): the way that things are arranged or put together in a photograph.
  • To lack (v.): not to have something that you would want or need.
  • D.M.V. (acronym): Department of Motor Vehicles = the office where US citizens can get their driving license from. They are usually very strict about the guidelines for their photographs: no smiles, etc. So the photographs often don’t look good.

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