Empowering Patients

Callous - Empowering Patients

Callous – Empowering Patients – by Carlo Jose San Juan


  • Box 1, Dr. Rianne: I have trouble keeping my patients compliant with their maintenance medication.
  • Box 1, B: Well…
  • Box 2, B: … I like to empower my patients! They’ll be more compliant if they feel like it was their idea all along!
  • Box 3, Dr. Rianne: Golly, what do we do about your hypertension?
  • Box 3, Golly: Uuh… take some pills?
  • Box 4, Dr. Rianne: Wow! Great idea! I wish I thought of that! You rock!
  • Box 4, Golly: Are you really a doctor?


  • Compliant (adj.) /kəmˈplɑɪ.ənt/ (Formal) willing to do what other people want you to do. (Verb form: to comply with sth)
  • Maintenance (n.) /ˈmeɪn.tɪ.nəns/ the work that is done to keep something in good condition
  • Medication (n.) /ˌmedɪˈkeɪʃən/ medicine that is used to treat an illness
  • To empower (v.) /ɪmˈpaʊər/ to give someone the confidence, skills, freedom, etc to do something
  • Hypertension (n.) /ˌhaɪ.pəˈten.ʃən/ a medical condition in which your blood pressure is extremely high
  • Sb/sth rocks (idiom) used to show that you like or approve of someone or something a lot


  • Here, Dr. Rianne’s friend suggests a strategy so that her patients take more regularly their medicine: make them believe that taking the medicine was their idea. So, she tries it with Golly. However, the way she does it makes Golly think that she is not really a doctor if she couldn’t have even though of that to treat him.

Language Feature

  • Notice the last sentences said by Dr. Rianne: “Wow! Great idea! I wish I thought of that! You rock!” All these expressions can be used to praise someone.


  1. This kind of language is very useful for beginners

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