Customers are Always Right!?

Comic strip about recommendations and customer's privileges when ordering

Callous – Customers are always right? – by Carlo Jose San Juan


  • Box 1. Waitress: Hi! Welcome to coffee specialties! I’m Bel Bean! Would you like to try our …
  • Box 1. Customer: Excuse me …
  • Box 2. Customer: … don’t offer me anything! I’m the customer here! I’ll tell you what I want to order!
  • Box 3: …
  • Box 4. Customer: Um… what do you recommend?

Cultural Notes

  • Notice in box 1 that the waitress is very outgoing. She’s trying to make the customer feel comfortable and want to suggest something that he would likely appreciate. However, this customer does not like being told what he should or shouldn’t do.
  • Have you ever heard the sayings “Customers are always right” or “The Customer is King”? These saying mean that to do good business, you need to agree with the customer, because if they don’t, they won’t buy your products. This attitude is common and widespread across the service sectors in developed countries. This comic strip is making fun that some customers are of course not always right!

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