Convincing Patients to Continue their Medication


Check all the statements below that are true.


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  • Dr. Rianne Nicah: But sir, if you don’t comply with your maintenance medication your symptoms may recur!
  • Patient: Whatever! I feel fine!
  • Dr. Rianne Nicah: Your illness will return!
  • Patient: Meh…
  • Dr. Rianne Nicah: In the long run, your medical bills will be more expensive …
  • Patient: Oh no!


  • To comply (v) /kəmˈplaɪ/ to obey an order, rule, or request.
  • Medication (n) /ˌmedɪˈkeɪʃən/ medicine that is used to treat an illness.
  • Symptom (n) /ˈsɪmptəm/ a physical feeling or problem which shows that you have a particular illness.
  • To recur (v) /rɪˈkɜːr/ to happen again or many times


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