Cheap GPS

Comic of a cheap GPS that only says "Warm, hot, cold..."

xkcd – Cheap GPS – By Randall Munroe –


  • GPS  (n.) /ˌdʒiː.piːˈes/  (Global Positioning System) a system that can show the exact position of a person or thing by using signals from satellites (= objects in space that send signals to Earth)


  • Does this make sense to you? If it doesn’t, it’s probably because you haven’t played this game when you were young. In some countries, there is a popular game for children in which one of them is looking for an object that was hidden, the other person helps the one who is looking for the object by saying hot (if the person is very close to the object), cold (if the person is very far from the object), or warm, etc.
  • Can you imagine if you were using such a GPS instead of a regular one that shows where you are and tells you which direction to go to?

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