Watches: Regular Watch? Smart Watch? Or none?

  [slickquiz id=1]     Transcript Regular Watches… Smart Watches Brief, glorious period in which our wrists were free Vocabulary Smart adj. /smɑːt/ It usually means: intelligent or clever. But if you talk about a machine, a phone (you have probably heard of “Smartphones”) it means that it uses advanced…

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Simples Answers about New Technologies

Simple Answers about New Technologies

Transcript and Vocabulary The simple answers to the questions that get asked about every new technology: Will ______ make us all geniuses? No. Genius (n.) /ˈdʒiː.ni.əs/someone who is extremely intelligent or extremely good at doing something Will ______ make us all morons? No. Moron (n.) /ˈmɔːrɒn/a very stupid person Will…

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Learning to Cook in the USA

xkcd comic strip about cooking

Transcript I should cook more! Buy ingredients Put some in a pan Cook Does it taste good? Kinda No Put leftovers in fridge Hours pass Order pizza Days pass Throw away leftovers Weeks pass Throw away remaining ingredients as they go bad Months pass Vocabulary ingredient (n.) /ɪnˈgriːdiənt/ one of…

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