How to Avoid Competition

Comic Strip What the Duck How to Avoid Competition

[slickquiz id=4] Transcript Nice camera. I’m thinking about getting into photography too. Look, your photos suck. You have no sense of composition. You lack any understanding of lighting. And I’ve seen better pictures come from the D.M.V. What’s all that about? Job security. Vocabulary Avoid (v.): to stay away from…

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Funny Breathtaking Picture!

Photo a of breast taking an eye = An eye inspiring breast taking photo?

  Photo Description: An eye inspiring breast taking photo. Vocabulary Awe (n.)  /ɔː/ a feeling of great respect and sometimes fear. Inspiring (adj.) /ɪnˈspaɪərɪŋ/ giving you new ideas and making you feel you want to do something. Awe-inspiring (adj) /ɔː ɪnˈspaɪərɪŋ/ arousing awe through being impressive, formidable, or magnificent. Breast…

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