Computers Are Good At Their Cores… And Have Good Hearts

a heart to represent a processor's core

This is a translation of the funny and educational comic “Les ordinateurs ont bons cœurs” by Grise Bouille – Have fun learning about computers! Transcript For the last ten years or so, we have been hearing about “dual-core” or “multi-core” processors. -I have two cores! -Amateur So, what’s the…

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Mistake Realities: Bored vs. Boring

Mistake Realities: Bored vs. Boring.

  [slickquiz id=2] Transcript Box 1: [Anne’s friend:] Hi, Anne, how are you doing? [Anne:] Ah… (sigh) With all these classes, I’m becoming so boring. Box 3: [Anne’s friend:] Um… Yeah, I agree. See you. Box 3: [Anne:] Wait! I meant I’m becoming so bored! Vocabulary Sigh (n.) /saɪ/ to…

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