Becoming Independent

Mimi and Eunice – Becoming Independent –

Mimi and Eunice – Becoming Independent –

Transcript for “Becoming Independent”

  • Box 1. Mimi: What do you mean I’m not independent enough?
  • Box 2. Mimi: Show me how to be independent?
  • Box 3. Mimi: I can’t be independent without your help!


  • What do you mean: this phrase is used to ask for clarification. We can assume that just before box 1, Eunice told Mimi that she was not independent enough.
  • Independent (adj.) /ˌɪndɪˈpendənt/ not needing anyone else to help you or do things for you


  • Notice that Eunice’s way of showing Mimi how to become independent is to simply let her alone so she can do things by herself. Apparently, Mimi doesn’t share the same view about becoming independent …

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  1. I want to keep this story so long. Admin can help me or give some storys so the content follows every chapter

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