All I Want Is For You To Be Happy…?

comic strip: All I want is for you to be happy

Mimi and Eunice – I want you to be happy –


  • Box 1. Mimi: All I want is for you to be happy.
  • Box 2. Eunice: That is so sweet!
  • Box 3. Mini: You’re much less of a pain in the ass when you’re happy.


  • sweet (adj.) /swiːt/ very kind and friendly
  • If someone is a pain in the ass (expression – quite informal), they behave in a way that is very annoying and it’ s not pleasant to spend time with them. Another, slightly more polite, way to say this is “pain in the neck”


  • What Mimi says in box 1 makes us believe that she’s very generous, not selfish and really cares about Eunice. However, in box 3, we realize that she only wants Eunice to be happy so that she wouldn’t be annoyed by Eunice who might not be happy. Not so caring after all? Shall you be worried next time your partner tell you: “All I want is for you to be happy?”

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