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About the Author

This website has been created and is maintained by Jonathan Pierrel.

Jonathan is an EFL lecturer. He has taught English in the USA, the UK, and mainland China. He holds a master’s degree in TESOL and Linguistics. He currently teaches English at university in Macau SAR. He also runs another website for English language learners:

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Comics English by Jonathan Pierrel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

This means that you are free to:

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Important notes:

This does not apply to the comics that are copied from other websites and are were not published under a Creative Commons Licence. Such comic strips have been reproduced here with the authors’ permissions. Consult them for further advice if you want to reproduce such comic strips.

If you are the owner of any images here and believe that they have been published on this website without your authorization, contact us at comicsenglishcom [AT]

ComicsEnglish provides and explains English comic strips for EFL/ESL learners and teachers. Keep having fun reading comics while learning English.

ComicsEnglish fournit et explique des BDs en anglais pour les apprenants et les enseignants d’anglais. Continuer de vous amusez en apprenant l’anglais!

ComicsEnglish proporciona y explica cómic en Inglés para los estudiantes y profesores de Inglés. Continuar para divertirse y aprender Inglés!

ComicsEnglish prevede e spiega fumetti in inglese per studenti e insegnanti di inglese. Continuare a divertirsi e imparare l’inglese!

ComicsEnglish fornece e explica quadrinhos em Inglês para os alunos e professores de Inglês. Continuar a se divertir e aprender Inglês!

ComicsEnglish 為英文學習者和老師提供和解釋英文漫畫。開心看漫畫的同時又可以學習英語。

Your language is not mentioned here? Please, send the translation to comicsenglishcom[AT]


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